To travel


Choosing the right mode of transport in Costa Rica is essential. Coming to Costa Rica is getting easier and easier with more direct flights to

San José (SJO). Once you arrive, you need to choose your mode of travel within the country.

What choices are available to you?

  • The plane
  • The bus
  • The shuttle companies
  • The car rental companies






Sansa offers a number of destinations among the top tourist spots in Costa Rica. So we can reach Cahuita from San José after a 40 minute flight to Puerto Limon airport, we take a bus or a taxi to La Rana de Cahuita which is about 35 minutes away.

It’s the fastest way to get to Cahuita, but the most expensive too!




Logo Mepe

There are several companies of regular bus lines crisscrossing the country. They form a dense, reliable and very inexpensive network, ideal for tight budgets. In San José, you have to go to the MEPE Terminal, Calle 12. There is a direct to Cahuita every 2 hours, for about 5000 colones.




caribe shuttle

From the airport, your hotel in San José or any city in the country you can reach Cahuita by shuttles. The Caribe Shuttles et Interbus minibuses serve all tourist destinations in Costa Rica and transfer you from hotel to hotel, most often door to door. They are faster and more flexible than scheduled buses but also more expensive, count around $ 50 to make San Jose – Cahuita. You can also charter taxi shuttles, count from $ 200 to $ 500 depending on the capacity of the mini-bus.





The rental car is of course the means of transport offering the greatest freedom and flexibility on vacation. The main axes and secondary roads are in very good condition despite the very aggressive environment. The center city streets are a little less so and often present potholes or other small problems. However, in view of the very many tracks, redone more or less regularly, tropical rains can occur very quickly, it is advisable to rent a 4×4 for reasons of comfort and safety (without being an obligation).

logo de bourbonSince many years, we trust DE BOURBON Rent a Car, a french family business located in Alajela (near airport) offering an excellent service quality at very competitive rates. So, feel free to contact them for a quote, you will always be given the best possible reception.


All the major international car rental companies are represented in Costa Rica and will be waiting for you at the exit of the airport. There are 2 brands with offices in Puerto Viejo near Cahuita, these are Alamo et Adobe. This can be very convenient for people wanting to go through Bocas Del Toro, Panama before or after Cahuita.