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There is a lot of activities around de Cahuita. Mostly, they focus on the nature, the Native Nation cultures or the beaches.





The Cahuita National Park is one of the very first to have been created by the Costa Rican government. It was first a National Monument in 1970 and became a National Park in 1978 for the protection of the  Punta Cahuita coral reef. It is the most developed of the entire Costarican Atlantic coast. The majority of its surface is maritime.

In gratitude for the dedication of the Cahuita people to the protection and development of the Park, the government decided in 1998 to hand over management to a local committee, it is a unique case in Costa Rica!





Sloth National parc


You can discover many animals : sloths, monkeys, raccoons, toucans, coatis, anteaters, …

The park also offers an excellent reef snorkeling spot with a wide variety of fishes, a few manatees and small reef sharks. Activity not missed

A licensed guide must supervise all dives.













    Visiste au JRC


logo JRCRescue, care and rehabilitation / reintroduction center in Puerto Viejo, the most famous in Costa Rica. The Jaguar Rescue Center is behind a very high quality reintroduction program. Thanks to this Foundation, hundreds of animals have been released into the surrounding jungle. Open at 9h30 and 11h30 closed sunday








Sloth sanctuary logoLe Soth Sanctuary is the costarican center for the injured, orphans or abandoned sloths. You will learn all about this very specific animal. Open from 9h00am to 02h00pm, closed monday







howler monkey

howler monkey

Three of life logo

Wildlife conservation center, located in the heart of a beautiful botanical garden on Playa Grande near Cahuita, the Tree of Life is a refuge for injured animals or road traffic victims in need of treatment.

Visit at 11h00am closed monday






Primitive Bribri Temple


The Talamanca province is Bribris and Cabecares land, the 2 bigest Natives Nations of Costa Rica. Tour-operators offer several options to discover the Bribri culture.


The Cacao Tour : a first approach to the Bribri, through their medicinal garden, the cultivation of cocoa and the manufacture of the “Drink of Gods” as well as a traditional meal. 5 / 6h visit with guide


Yorin Village

The Yorkin village





The Yorkin village : after 1h30 in the canoe up the river, you will arrive at the village of Yorkin for a complete, 100% native immersion. Visit of the village, lunch in the common house and above all exchange with the inhabitants to the rhythm of the life of the Natives. Full day tour with guide.


Keysh pura vida

Pura Vida









Playa blanca

Playa Blanca – Cahuita

Superb beaches, each with their own charm, line the entire Caribbean coast. There are 4 beaches around Cahuita. Activity : farniente !

Playa vargas

Playa Vargas – Cahuita

Playa Blanca : it is the Cahuita National Park Beach, it forms a small open bay ending in Punta Cahuita and its coral reef so suitable for snorkeling. The entrance is at the end of the main street. This is THE beach in Cahuita where all the ticas families come to bathe on weekends.

Playa Vargas : it is located south of Punta Cahuita, it is part of the National Park. It is a less frequented beach than Playa Blanca but it offers a superb panorama over the Cordillera del Talamanca and Panama. So not to be missed!

Playa Grande/Playa Negra : these 2 beaches are linked to the north of the village, the most interesting being Playa Negra, a beautiful wild beach, of black sand as its name suggests. Its waves are ideal for learning to surf, we often see children trying their hand at sliding. The famous Reggae Bar and its Friday Night lives are located on this beach.